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What is the Store of Time?

Everyone trades time for money, which then can be given to another person to get something in return. But when money is stored in a fiat currency for the future use, it loses the purchasing power over time due to the currency inflation. If a currency lost 25% of its initial value, this means 25% loss of time and efforts spent to get that money. 1 day (8 hours) you worked and got paid for, today has a monetary value as if you worked 0.75 days (6 hours).

On the other side, when money is stored in deflationary Bitcoin, and its purchasing power increased by 400%, this means getting 400% more value for the time traded in the past. 1 day (8 hours) you worked and got paid for, today has a monetary value as if you worked 5 days (40 hours).

This website compares Bitcoin, Local Currencies, USD, Stock Indexes, Gold and Silver as a Store of Time.

Note on Inflation

To adjust data for inflation, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used. The CPI is calculated by government statisticians and might be manipulated to report lower values, as lower CPI provides at least two benefits to the governments:

  1. Many government payments are linked to the CPI. Therefore, a lower CPI translates into lower payments and lower government expenditures.
  2. The CPI deflates some components used to calculate the real GDP. If the true rate of inflation is higher than the CPI as the government calculates it, then an investor's real rate of return will be less than originally expected.

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📈 Data

Consumer Price Index data is provided by International Monetary Fund.

Exchange Rates data is provided by Open Exchange Rates.

Stock Market data is provided by Yahoo Finance.

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